We provide cloud-based technology for accounting solutions to traders and manufactures with their business accounting such as bookkeeping, auditing, tax filing and all hands on business administration.

Hard to read numbers

Reading ledgers requires sets of skills in accounting. This makes an entrepreneur, fully dependent on a bookkeeper. This dependency exposes the money to greater risk. As an entrepreneur, you should be in control of inflow and outflow of cash, assets or liability.

Time-consuming paperwork

Administration of invoices, receipt and reconciliation account consumes a tremendous amount of energy. Especially it becomes stressful around tax season.

Business suffers

Entrepreneurs have to be updated with introductions of new business’s laws and regulation by government. Not having an easy to use application increases the workload in the administrative department which becomes the cause of distraction of other departments. Overall sales and revenue of the business get affected.

Business Potential

Business entrepreneurs, accounting individual or firms can use Muneem as a reliable source of cloud-based technology for an accounting solution.

Our services

You’re a business owner with lots to do. We’re professional bookkeepers with experience serving entrepreneurs.
Let us take the pain of bookkeeping, auditing, tax filing, and all your business accounting off your hands forever – so you can focus on what matters most.
  • Reports to analyze your business growth

To keep you in control of your money, we provide monthly financial statements. It will help you understand your growth and give you actionable insights to help you grow your business. You’ll never be in the dark again.
  • Stress-less tax season

GST & TDS on time, every time! Also, You’ll get a Year-End Financial Package that contains all the data you need to file your taxes. We can work directly with your CA, or set you up with one we trust, to make sure your taxes are filed painlessly and on time.
  • Most accurate work by experts

We work in a team and have the benefit of getting a second level check on everything we do by our team experts
  • Reminders to keep things easy

Outstanding report preparation and timely reminders directly to debtors. Payables report for payments to be made and bill follow-ups directly from creditors/vendors. Stock report for product comparison.
  • You can be productive on the other side of your business

We want you to spend time on your business growth and not all on accounting. We are here for it.
  • We can do more

Direct support to your clients by providing them invoices, sharing ledger when required, solving account reconciliation problems and more by live chat or over email.

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